Grand Voile

Sails are developed in France and in Switzerland on the Lake Leman.
Invented and developed in the funboard at the end of the 80s, "fat head" sails are now widely used and approved by a large majority on all the new generation sailboats.
They provide a greater performance (more surface in the heights and better profile) and are perfectly controllable (management of the power thanks to the twist of the sail).
With Forward your Dart, Hobie Cat, Nacra, Formula 18 and even the legendary Laser, will be greatly updated !  
Head Twist Control for a great control of the flow on the profile and leesh, in complement of the pennants on the sail.

We use different types of adapted cloth to make our sails L: white Dacron, laminate cloths or even membrane, to improve both look and performance of the catamaran (shiny sails, or transparent). These different cloths are of course strong and treated against UV.


We provide battens with the sails, they are composite tube battens (or Fiberfoam for some custome modeles and F18) which are easy to adjust in tension thanks to Forward Sailing tension adjusters and their tension scale (only for maisnails). They replace the old system with ropes to link batten and leesh, and enable to adjust the tension very easily thanks to a screwdiver otr a BTR key, the ideal tension is quickly found !
Lattes tubulaires pour grandes voiles de Catamaran
FOWARD will help to give a new lie to your old catamaran, you will get more pleasure sailing on a transformed boat – both in look and performance, and almost for a limited budget !

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