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Forward Sailing offers you a wide range of sails for catamarans and dinghies.

Our original and unique range of horn sails will give a second life to your catamaran or dinghy by offering a modern look. They ensure an increased performance (more surface in the top, better profile) perfectly controllable (power management thanks to the twist of the sail).

Mainsails, Jibs, Spinnakers or Reachers are all products that we can offer you to bring your catamarans up to date and give you more pleasure in sailing.

Our sails are developed and tuned in France and Switzerland on Lake Geneva by our racing and development teams.

The sails are modeled on 3D software in Switzerland by our engineers.

The slim bi-radial cut offers better profile control and good fabric orientation. The more you spread the cunningham, the more the top of the sail twists and fades upwind.

This is the reason for our bull logo in our sails, which expresses the power of the horn sail cut!

Our sails are equipped with Head Twist Control HTC

The HTCs allow to visualize the air flows at the exit of the horn, they come in complement of the penons on the sail.

Make sure that the HTCs are parallel at the exit of the leech and loosen the sheet a little if the HTCs disappear behind the sail.

Profiled composite battens with tensioner

Simple, efficient and micrometric system to adjust the batten tension. Technical composite battens.

Our engineers have designed a unique and specific batten tensioner with a ruler to control the tension in the battens.


Laminated fabric

Dacron challenge cloth 6oz

We use high quality fabrics composed of two Milar films treated against UV rays, sandwiched between polyester reinforcements and an anti-tear grid.

This results in an inextensible performance fabric for a good maintenance of the profile.

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