Club Sails

New range of sailing club sails

We developped, in partnership with the French Sailing Federation, a new range of fathead sails specialy adapted for sailing clubs and an intense use, for the most popular catamarans found in sainling schools.
Some coloured sails to be identifiable, with strong finishing resisting to important constraint of these clubs, and with some words of technical vocabulary to facilitate its memorization, this specific vocabulary is quite difficult to remember by beginners.

Specifications :
- A bright and recognizable design by far
- Horizontal cut – « Cross Cut » with a moderate volume
- One colour per model, to differenciate them from each other
- Mainsail with a modern shape and a reasonnable fat head.
- Strong and long lasting finishings : 4 coats per reinforcement + inox eyelet 16mm
- 8mm Luff with teflon reinforcements on each batten case
- Flat and profiled composit battens with tensioner : strap + cleat
- Large batten case with 5 rivets
- Dacron 205g/sqm cloth
- Penants on sail and leesh
- 1 or 2 reefs, depending on the hook modele, equiped with elastic rope for maintain the sail rolled.
- UV protection on the jib leesh

Every mainsail includes some technical words from the sailing vocabulary, placed at key points (clewm head, batten, tack…) for facilitating memorization of these specificities by children.

For more details or a personalized quotation, please contact us via the website.

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