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Mainsail Hobie 16 NX5
  • Mainsail Hobie 16 NX5
  • Mainsail Hobie 16 NX5
  • Mainsail Hobie 16 NX5
  • Mainsail Hobie 16 NX5
  • Mainsail Hobie 16 NX5

Mainsail Hobie 16 NX5

Hobie Cat 16 mainsail - Square Top Mainsail New generation

- NX5 laminated sail cloth
- Cross Cut finish with biradial reinforcement
- Batten, tensioners and bag included
VAT included

New Generation - Fathead/ Square top mainsail for Hobie Cat 16 sport catamaran.

After the success of our first generation of fathead sail for Hobie Cat 16, Forward Sailing has jus launched a new modele made in a transparent laminate cloth.

High-performance sail allow you to boost your Hobie 16
-NX5 laminated sailcloth fabric . (High reinforced fibers grid placed between 2 mylar films treated against UV).

High benefits : excellent strenght to weight ratio, increased durability and strenght resistance.

Thin and stable profile

- Cross Cut oriented finish with biradial reinforcement
- Fiber battens + tensioners, easy to use thanks to a BTR/Allen key : the ideal tension is easily and quickly found!
- The battens do not go past the sail anymore
- 3 penants / tell tales control on the sail and 2 telltales on the leesh to control the flow

- Window for a 360 ° clear view on the water

- Better Power control: Depending on cunningham tension, the top head of the sail twists during the gust and powers back during down wind.

- This sail is adapted for the HB 16 boom and gooseneck fixation,

- Nice look and new sensations:These mainsail give a boost and new look to your old Hobie Cat 16 with standard sail.

- Luff : 730 cm
- Foot : 260 cm
- Area : 14,23 m2

Warranty 2 years: subject to appropriate using.
Damages resulting from improper use or misuse are not guaranteed.