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Following the ban on the use of tires in harbors and concerned about protecting catamarans after they have been redesigned, we have developed a wide range of protective accessories, including hull bers adapted to many catamarans that allow the hulls to be placed comfortably on the dock.

Made of high density EVA foam, they are rot-proof and have a very long life span.

Our bers are designed to lay the boat on the ground while protecting the side of the hull.

2 types of bers are proposed:

  • An asymmetrical one designed for the famous Hobie 14 and Hobie 16 which perfectly fits the shape of the hull.
  • An "articulated" model, called Bers Trax Pad, which will fit all sport catamarans. It is easy to attach, fits all hull shapes and is easier to store than a bulky rigid bers.

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