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The trampoline is an essential accessory of the sport catamaran. It allows easy movement on board and contributes greatly to the rigidity of the platform. This is why it is important not to joke with this part and to let it deteriorate, which causes a loss of performance and could become dangerous.

For the past 10 years, we have been making trampolines out of Mesh Challenge Cloth that are sturdy, have pockets for storage, let water run off and do not have too much dunnage.

The high-strength fabric has been tested in the laboratory and in real-life situations to verify its resistance to friction, deformation and UV rays.

We are also the first to propose a hybrid trampoline (for Hobie Cat 18) with a Mesh rear part to let the water out, and the use of a waterproof fabric on the whole front part of the trampoline, to avoid water projections and better protect the crew and helmsmen when they are not on the trapeze.

Our trampolines are designed to be easily installed.

Available for Dart 18, Hobie Cat 14, 16, 18 and now Hobie Tiger, well designed and proposed at a competitive price !

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